Omni is a free-to-play space trading MMO in development by Rescinded Frequency, a collaboration between Frank Vroemen and Roderick Bronzwaer.

Our continuing goal is to create a universe in which hundreds of people from around the world can simultaneously explore, build, trade and interact with one another.

From turning over a stone in the tiniest earth speck to galaxy spanning voyages, it's the journey and adventure that draws us to realising this online epic.

From small beginnings

Scavenge planet surfaces for minerals and other resources. Research and craft your way to build bigger and better structures.

Trade & prosper

Find scarce resources and secure trade routes. Visit trading hubs, or create your own in space!

Improve & depart

Build your own spaceship and travel the galaxy, claim your place in the universe and defend it.

Discover the unknown

Uncover the great mysteries of the galaxy with others, or plunder those willing to do so!